Songwriter's for Groove Agent didn't show?!

Yesterday I bought the full version of GA4 after demo-ing it for a while. Downloaded it, up and working… at least as far as my ability takes it… but there is no more content than the trial version… is that correct??

Today I bought the download version of Songwriter’s. I started the download and went out. Upon my return there was no Songwriter’s in my downloads and it actually looks like I got another GA4 installer instead. I ran that thinking maybe that is what Songwriter’s looks like but it was GA4 and I let it run.

I go an email confirmation of my purchase with an activation code but nothing to activate. I went to the Steinberg downloads page to try the download again and it sent a Songwriter’s file to my downloads folder but nothing is happening with it.


If you’re using it in Cubase, it should come with all of these content sets:

If you’re missing any of these that means things didn’t install correctly. Uninstall GA4 and all of its content, download the latest version from Steinberg and install it.

You can download the content set you bought from here:

Make sure you have the latest version of the eLicenser software installed and re-enter your activation key if the license for this content set doesn’t show up there.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, it has all of the agents and drums sets as I did with the trial, but I was expecting to have more patterns, styles, and sub-styles to choose from. Maybe I was expecting too much. I’m not disappointed, I just thought I would have more choices under the styles.

I think eLicenser MUST be right because GA4 downloaded, installed sucessfully, and worked yesterday. It was easy. Maybe too easy…could I still be using the trial version and not know it?? I’m a little confused, but that is nothing new.

Run the eLicenser software while Groove Agent 4 is open in Cubase. It will show you which licenses are in use.

For you to be able to use the latest Steinberg products, your eLicenser Control Center database has to be up to date. You can either click the Maintenance button or download the latest version from Steinberg. It’s a small download.

Ok, immediate crisis over possibly. I just tried the Songwriter’s download again and it is coming painfully slowly into my downloads folder. Question… assuming this downloads and installs ok (I think it will now) where will I find the Songwriter’s stuff in GA4?.. in the load section where I choose the agent?

Yes, each content set you buy will have its own icon there for quick access.

Ok, installation went well. Now when I start Cubase 8 Pro it says some content (Songwriter’s) couldn’t load. I followed the instructions to remove the trial VST sounds but still get the Songwriter’s content can’t load message. I must need to authorise it somewhere… but where? My Products on Steinberg site?

Does the license for it show up in the control center?

I followed my nose and managed to find the control centre and put in the GA4 and Songwriter’s codes, so now GA4 and Songwriter’s shows up in My Products list! So exciting!

But when I started Pro 8 GA4 has 5252 missing files and I don’t know where to find them. I rebooted the computer hoping that would resolve it. This time GA4 has Songwriter’s in the styles but a Find Missing Files window opened and the busy wheel has been turning for several minutes. Does that mean it is loading all of those files? Or has it crashed?

I have a horrible feeling that I was wrong footed earlier when it told me the problem could be the trial version VST Sounds were still there and to remove the files from the trial version manually. I copied the files to a folder on my desktop and then trashed them from the folder I was guided to. The wheel is still turning and I wonder if I need to force quit?

I followed this instruction when thought the trial version was the problem;

Removing trial products from your system:

On PC Windows systems please un-install trial products, thus removing their content data from your system. Use the dedicated functions in Windows for this (Control Panel > Programs & Features etc.)

On Mac OS X systems there are no un-install-programs available. To remove offending content, you need to manually remove the “VST Sound” files related to the trial products from this folder:
“Your System Disc”/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content. Look for the product name contained in the filename and remove the corresponding VST Sound files.
Usually, the naming of the affected file helps to identify them easily. If however the files in question are not clearly named, we recommend to move them to a different location first of all to see if everything works as expected. These files can be deleted at a later point then.

Hmmm… I guess I did SOMETHING right, but I’m not sure what. I got tired of watching the wheel go around so I forced quite GA4 and then did a complete reboot. Then I copied the VST Sounds I’d removed back to where they originally were and started Pro 8 and, voila!.. it seems to be working. I’ve loaded a Songwriter’s agent and preset and I seem to be away.

I wonder if it will work tomorrow?