Sonible smart:EQ3 extremely slow on Cubase 11

I’d like to know if anybody has used the new smart:EQ3 on Cubase 11. I can’t use it for how slow it is.
On other DAWs it’s working fine.
I’m on macOS Catalina, using VST3 version. Can’t even find a way to test the VST2 version…

I’d be glad to find some help,
thank you

I had this - I emailed Sonibles support and they weren’t very helpful.

I sent in a report too. Switching off openGL in she smart:EQ settings fixes the slowness.
No problems in Logic(AU)


Thank you for the info.
The strange part is I tested the VST3 version with Ableton Live and it works perfectly fine.
That’s why I wrote here

Sonible support answered they received some similar reports and they are working on it…

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For my part, I can’t even open smart:EQ3 in order to authorize it and activate it. Cubase Pro 11 dont’t crash but makes a .dmp (dump file). Sent my last .dmp to Sonible. They are working on it they said. I feel that I’ve paid a 100 bucks to beta test the thing and the thing don’t even open…

Asus ProArt StudioBook Pro 17 (W700G3T)
Windows Pro 10
32G Ram; 2T SSD
Cubase Pro 11

Work in Cubase 11 on a Pc Crashes every 5 minutes

Sonible told me there will be an update in two weeks

Sonible asked me for more info about the problem twice. So they are working on it.