Sonic Halion SE missing in Nuendo 11

Hi everybody,
I saw various similar posts but I didn’t find an answer so I start a new thread.
I have Nuendo 11. today, trying to open some old project, I received an error message : "The plug-in “HALion Sonic SE” could not be found for Instrument Track "
I searched for the plugin in the location showed in the plugin manager but it seems to be completely missing…
I tried reinstalling Halion via Steinberg Download assistant, but it didn’t solve my problem.

Can someone help me?

Did you actually try to install HALion Sonic SE? That’s what you need, according to the error. Or did you install Halion?

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I installed HALion Sonic SE again, but it doesn’t work in Nuendo. Then I tried to run it in standalone mode and saw an error . Windows 10, PC