Sonitus Fx:Suite

Hi Folks,

I’m after a bit of advice. I purchased the Sonitus Fx:Suite from Cakewalk and installed it, but I can’t get Cubase 6.5 to recognise it.

Any clues?

All the best,
John Mazur.

Specified the plugin path in Plugin information.


I have installed the dll’s into their own folder.
I have added that folder to the VST search path.

See the attachments for more details.

All the best,
John Mazur

Do they show up in the plugin informations VST Plugins window?

Hi thinkingcap,

No, and that’s the problem.

All the best,
John Mazur.

You made sure before, it´s not a “Calkwalk only” bundle - did you?
EDIT: OK I see, can be used with any host, so forget that

Delete the “blacklist” file from Cubase.

Hi everybody,

Seems like thinkingcap has run out of ideas.

Anyone else have an idea?

All the best,
John Mazur.

P.S. I emailed Cakewalk for more information, let’s see where that goes.

Have you deleted the blacklist? You haven´t answered that question…
Other than that yes - I´m running out of ideas.

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a blacklist?

The blacklist is a list that contains Plugins that for example crashed Cubase, so they don’t get loaded on start anymore (though they are still be listed in the plugin information windows IIRC, so I fear that won’t solve your problem, - nevertheless you should try it). It’s located somewhere in the user data- or the program folder ,IIRC.

Hi thinkingcap,

I found two blacklist files and all of the Sonitus:fx plugins are entries in the xml files.

The files are:
Vst2xBlacklist Cubase.xml, and,
Vst2xPlugins Cubase.xml.

Deleting the entries doesn’t help, they are restored the next time I scan the VST folders.

This is all pretty sad :frowning: Looks like I have wasted my money

Thanks for your assistance.

All the best,
John Mazur.

Just to finish off this thread and to thank thinkingcap for his assistance.

I opened a case with Cakewalk and after a few emails resolved the issue. Sonitus VST does work with Cubase 7.

The problem? ME!

For some reason I negelected to note the path that the VST files were placed in. I installed the files again and put the files where I could find them. That made all the difference.

Big thumbs up for Cakewalk support.


I think you just copy all sonitus dll file and past to
c\program file\stainberg\cubase 6\vstplugin