Sonivox Twist won't show up in VST instruments?

I have tried to install Sonivox Twist on my iMac 27" mid 2011 running El Capitan. It does not show up when choosing vet instruments in Cubase 8,5 Pro. It seems to be located in the VST3 folder (can’t recall if it installed terror or if I moved it there but anyway it does not show up on the list of instruments. What am I doing wrong here?
Best Drvoodoo

You are not neccessary doing something wrong. Sonivox are not a very well supported products. I guess your Cubase installation blacklists Twist, that is why it is there in the folder but will not show in Cubase. You could try to reinstall Twist and upgrade Cubase. You could also try Blue Cats Patchwork and load Twist through that. Patchwork has a free demo. Since you are on a MAC try to load VST 64 bit first and if that does not work try the AU version (both through Patchwork). You could also try “32 bit Lives”, a product that kind of converts 32 bit to 64. Then you convert the 32 bit version of Twit to 64 and try to load that directly into Cubase (no Patchwork).

I have had several problems with Sonivox and they dont seem “up to date” as a company in total. Their support page and system are among the worst out there. It seems like they do not want any contact at all with their customers. It is very unlike say Spectrasonics. And btw, Sonivox products are not quite good either. There are competing products out there far better if you put a little more money into it - it is really worth it. However I also have Logic 9 and X running and there are no problems in those, so it is a mix of problems between the OS, Cubase and Sonivox. Some Sonivox products have upgrades that takes care of the problems, like Eighty Eight and Big Cinematic Drums, but alas too few of the products.