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I am wondering if Nuendo 4.3 can see this plug in can it see the folder where it belongs ? That would be ace.
Also is there a way of discretely applying it to a specific section of selected audio as I do with Izotope RX in Nuendo?


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I believe I have just answered my question. I copied the Sonnox de-clicker.vst3 to the Nuendo plug ins folder and updated and low and behold there it is. Now that is what I call a touch. Thanks Steinberg, very cool.
I have not tried it yet but the plug in loads and passes audio signal.

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Hmm… momentary joy over, whilst it removes a click it also produces a drop out at the start of the selected part. When you try and apply it as a spot declicker on a split waveform section (select part and R click select plug ins Restoration Sonnox de-clicker). Thats useless. Removes a click and creates a small drop out (you even see the waveform redraw the drop out) whats going on there ?

So in short can you select a range and ‘spot’ de click in wavelab using the Sonnox tools ?

Or are these real time master bus processes only?


For discrete clicks, it is recommended to use the Audio Error detection and correction tool.


Works exceptionally well.

Thanks I will investigate it.

Though with the Sonnox branding your expectation would be a quality end result something that appears not to be realized.

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In defence of the Sonnox stuff, it does seem to work well on restoration projects.

However, with the WL error correction tool set for 3ms clicks, it’s just so quick and easy to zoom in, select and correct audible clicks. It’s more efficient if you disable snap-to-sample crossing ( hit ‘Z’).

I have always been surprised at how well this actually works, even compared to ReNovat*r that I have has experience with in the past. YMMV.

I appreciate your advice, thanks.

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