Sonnox DeClicker and Render Process in Place


I am trying to clean a click in the wave file. Usinng Sonnox DeClicker, the click can be killed but when I try to render that short section by using “Process in Place”, the rendered section has silence at the beginning and the end. Is there a minimum amount of time/size for rendering this? The click area is 194ms in length. I tried increasing the area to render to 1 sec and still the same problem…

I also want to mention that this problem is with the Sonnox DeClicker. The Steinberg legacy de-clicker works fine in “render - process in place”. But the Sonnox one does a better job of getting the click out.

For very small clicks you should better use the Audio Error Detection and Correction tool.

Okay. The old Steinberg De-clicker worked acceptable enough. Just a short digital artifact click coming from the recording studio session.