Sonnox Denoiser issue


I have an 88.2 / 24 bit wav file I am trying to De-noise a small section of. I highlight the section and render selected, process in place. The process goes fine but no change in the audio file. I have tried several times to no avail. The plug is active and is the only plug in the master section. I do not have “bypass master” selected.




WL7.2.1 / WIN7-32

How long the selection?

Wow, thanks for checking in. It is roughly a 10 second into to a song that is fairly quiet.


Hi Dave …

FWIW, I have had trouble generally with files at 88.2kHz when it comes to Sonnox plugs.

WL itself will play the files no problem. But for some reason certain plugs have problems that I only experience with files at that rate. Typically, the playback freezes. I end up SRCing them through the Weiss to 48kHz and all is always good.

I have no idea why this happens. This is about the ONLY thing that can stop WL at our place. It’s rock solid otherwise.

I’ve got a similar problem!!! i.e. not sure if it is dependant on sample rate, i’m working on a 24bit, 48k file, and the Sonnox Denoiser works in real time, but as soon as I render it doesn’t…

I tried deleting the vst plugins and re-installing wavelab, I installed it stopped doing it. Then I applied the update to it started again… :angry:


sorry no need to cross posting same Denoiser issue.

regards S-EH

Same problem here with 48kHz files. Works fine with 44.1kHz.

WL7.2.1.600, Win 7 64, i5, 8GB RAM.


Same here!!

Is there a chance this bug gets solved sometime?!

Interesting. Noise is a tricky issue. Your listening to something that is like empty space in a room. When I used Ableton Live to totally attack the audio and distort it beyond all reason than changing the bit depth down to 1bit I came up with a great distorted square wave. The audio was heard on playback but as soon as I tried to render/mix down the file I got nothing but the original signal. Does that help?

Ähh… no.
But thanks anyway :mrgreen: