Sononym sample browser - pls integrate in Cubase!

I have been testing this amazing sample browser called Sononym (
NO other sample browser can compete with this.

Can easily read any huge library of samples (like 250000+ samples) and categorize based on audio analysis based on things like tempo, pitch, amount of noise, harmonic content, etc . Automatically categorization that works far better than I expected. Information about all samples are stored in a database. Then you can search based on any of those criteria. And it’s ultrafast. (MediaBay is really slow when you have a large library).

Steinberg, please investigate if you can integrate this into Cubase/Nuendo/HALion. :slight_smile:


+1 adding something like this or similar to it would be useful.

Regards :sunglasses:


I downloaded the demo for this and I agree with msy that the auto categorization and the sound match functions work better than expected. Having this functionality in Cubase would be a really nice addition. I could see some DAW developer buying them out at some point to grab this technology early on. Would be nice if it was Steinberg.