Soothe 2 Problem on Cubase 11 PRO

I recently updated Soothe 2. After this i started Cubase, got short message, that soothe2 was moved to quarantined plugs. I closed Cubase, updated iLok manager.

When i try to open project i worked day before - i get message on start-up of the project, that soothe 2 is not found and of course all my soothe’s in session are disabled. If i try to put a new version of soothe 2 - it opens with no problem. But this way i have to re-do all the soothe 2 seetings in all my previous projects!

I see soothe 2 in quarantined plugins, but there are not options to re-activate it…

My system: iMac 27’ 2019, OsX: 10.15.7. Cubase Pro 11 .

Please Help!

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…? Anything…? :slight_smile:

No help here, sorry, but watching because I’m thinking of buying Soothe 2 to use in Cubase Pro 11.

Maybe check with Oeksound as well?

Already did. They replayed immediately - if the plug works when inserting new instance - it’s a question to Steinberg, not to them. And i agree…

Did you use VST2 on older projects and now update to VST3?


For some reasons Cubase moved Soothe 2 to quarantine (i’m not sure vst2 or vst3). So i deleted all soothe 2 plug files from VST2, VST3 and Components (to be sure :slight_smile: manually. Then launched Cubase - Soothe 2 was no longer in quarantined plugs. Then i quit Cubase, installed soothe 2 once again - everything works with no problem, all older projects are fine!!!