Sorry Bad post

Aloha guys
Sorry for using up bandwidth.
Tried to post a picture and it ain’t happening.

My buddy George Benson sent me a picture and I wanted to share it.

I’ll do some forum reading on how to do this properly and try again later.

Ma bad.
Baby Benson.jpg

Cool pic. Thanks for sharing. I opened it by right click, open in new tab, open. IE9.

I can’t help you with the proper way to insert a photo attachment as I have never tried. :neutral_face:

Use the image (img) tags. Plonk your photo between them and your piccie is displayed :sunglasses:

Yes … and I think you also need to ‘host’ it.

When you type your post, it should look like this, before previewing or submitting:


If you do not have a host, then I will host it for you … just click ‘quote’, and you will see what you need, it will look like this:
{img}http://www.glynhost dot thing dot youkay/photos2/babybenson.jpg{/img}
but will have square brackets.

This is THE one:

So you can edit your first post to have this picture, and the title you originally wanted to give it

Good luck

Thanks sooo much guys,
I’m still learning.
Guess that can be a good thing sometimes.
Love this place.

Thanx again for all your help


Well, I wasn’t much dang use, was I! My ISP seems to have gone down.

In the words fo our EXTREMELY Good Friend: “Grmph” :imp:


Just your being here is a help. Thank you.