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Hello, I’ve literally just registered. I’ve finally decided to get on cubasis but alas, I’m an android user and know nothing about apple products. I will buy a used ipad just so I can download cubasis but i have absolutely no idea which one is best. I’m on a budget hence I will be purchasing a used one so my question is; which ipad do I need?

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Cubasis supports a wide range of iPad devices, from older to most recent models.
Choosing the right model mostly depends on what you’re after to do with Cubasis.

To give you a rough example:
If you plan to use lots of third party instruments and/or effects app, it is recommended to use one of the newer models.
If recording a few audio and MIDI tracks is your thing, an older model will do.

I’d suggest to post your question in the Audiobus forum as well.
There are lots of Cubasis users, that surely will share their experiences.

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Thanks, it has :+1:

Glad to hear that…
Once again, it might make sense to drop the question in the Audiobus forum as well.
You’ll find lots of Cubasis users there…


A tip. If you’re mainly going to use it to record audio, or render MIDI to audio, get one with plenty of memory.

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I bought a 2017 32gb version just yestarday. And cubasis 2 is now uploaded and ready to go. Thanks again.

We’re glad to hear this, Abijeam.

If you’re new to the app our available tutorials might be helpful: [UPDATED] Steinberg Cubasis - Official tutorials & teasers - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums
More to find on our Mobile Apps You Tube channel:

Hope that helps
& welcome to the Cubasis family!