Sorry no fix for window handling in cubase 7.5

I see the new version of cubase boast that windows handling is fixed and working as it always should of.
Does this mean all hope for a fix for v7 is lost? As the steinberg launch video admits it was impossible! Im quite gutted as i wasn’t planning on upgrading any further and sticking with setup and software is all i need to produce the music i make but after all these years the constant clicking for lost plugins and resizing windows is driving me mad.might as well have a moan about the hover in the mix console while im at it too god it sucks! Oh steinberg Why have you kept that??
So basically i gotta now pay even more money to finally rid myself of the very frustrating windows handling which is driving me nuts.Buy I really dont want to keep upgrading one bit of software to find another doesn’t work with it that was previously working fine in the last (slate vst3) for example nor get some extra vsti’s or loop mash or a load of c****y features i wont use like chord pads and alike. Maybe steinberg could offer two versions one with vstis and a more stripped back version all recording features just no vsti’s and amp sims.

Apart from the windows being finally fixed i have no need to buy another version of cubase i was planning on sticking with what i got for some time and really get my money’s worth out of it.guess once the slate vst 3 problem is sorted I’ll have to give up more cash then thats it.

Anyway sorry for the moaning
happy new year from a grumpy me

Window handling, while integral to a DAW, is not a core funtion but I do empathize with those needing to use the Cubase Mixer (I use SonicCore so no problem).

Maybe steinberg could offer two versions one with vstis and a more stripped back version all recording features just no vsti’s and amp sims.

That will never happen, ever, unless you purchase the cut-down version; which by definition delivers a scaled back mixing interface, less recording inputs etc

I was watching a club cubase video last night and to be fair cubase 8 looks really good but because of reported problems from other users im definitely going to wait for an update before i buy.

Half your luck using sonic core not cheap stuff.

I’m only using old CreamWare cards at this stage (UAD is in the DAW as well) so I can set up a mega-channel orchestral template with hardware-based mixing.

Other than UAD, Cubase is merely the music sequencer, with occasional audio (I am not using S|C synths at this stage). Were I to use SonicCore synths or God forbid, the sampler; I would need to mix in realtime, which I am achieving via Sends at this stage in Cubase 7.

I would never use the software mixer in Cubase unless it (Cubase 8) has improved on sound quality.

RE: Cubase, I’m not in a position to get the latest version, since I am waiting for Windows 10 to be precise so I must stick it out with the feature set that I have, which for me is remarkably solid and stable on Windows 8.1 x64.

What features were you wanting from the lastest version anyway?

Not really after the new features bud its just the old windows problem doing my head in,In the video it looked like a thing of the past.(that alone is worth the upgrade for me)
render in place and the plugin manager will come in handy the guy doing the live chat was saying their’s a big performance boost so bonus.

whats wrong with it,do you not go through the cubase mixer at all with your setup?

Nothing functionally, but every fader is 0’z and MIDI volumes are all at 100 as a command in the Key Editor, so my volumes come from the notes themselves.

I might increase gain via a plugin occasionally, such as the UAD 33609 compressor, or I decrease the volume of sample groups/articulations, in ToonTrack but on the whole unity gain is the goal for me, even the Sonic Core mixer is at 0.

Since I am using a TC Electronic BMC-2, 3 o’clock is also at unity gain, which is the maximum volume whereby the digitized signal is not changed and with my Avantones, they are also at 0 so I can monitor the system as a broadcast signal, for appropriate export volume.

These were the points I made in the “Cubase 8 sucks” thread. Steinberg would much rather sell you Cubase 8, than fix any legitimate issues or complete any features that’s needed in the last versions. It’s a pattern that seems to be working for them… When enough users protest by NOT upgrading, and just ‘deal with’ what they have already - and there will always be things that need to be dealt with - then maybe Steinberg will start to make things right.

Well going by a lot of people’s unhappy posts on here today about things still being a mess im going to wait for a couple more updates.some are claiming that the windows handling is still bad?