"Sorry, this file or media type is not supported"

so… i was really surprised to see this error when i tried to drag n drop my WAV (!!!) files into the “tracks” panel…

this can’t be right…? they are 24bit/44.1khz stereo wavs. why in the world would this format not be supported by this (kind of) software??
i haven’t found a documentation on what file types are (and aren’t) supported, but mp3s seem to work… so… do i have to convert my stuff to mp3? is there a list of file types? is this a bug?


… can you please share the file with us? I could imagine it’s too big to add it directly here? Maybe you can send me the file? (m.spork (at) steinberg.de)

Those files, of course, must work with VST Live.

See you,

I’ve sent you some files and a little description via wetransfer :slight_smile:

HI @HW23,

thank you for your audio files. That’s what I am doing with your 3 files

  1. Start VL, Select TRACKS
  2. Press “Import” Button, navigate to the audio files and select one of them

→ Success

  1. Start VL, Select TRACKS
  2. Drag an audio file from the Explorer to the empty workspace

→ Success

  1. Start VL, Select TRACKS
  2. Add a MIDI Track
  3. Drag on of your audio file from the Explorer and drop it over the MIDI Track.

→ “Sorry, this file or media file type is not supported”

And that is correct. Only MIDI Files will work here and audio files are not accepted.

What am I missing here?

See you

just tried it again, of course now it works…

please give me a little time to try to reprocude it :grin: