"Sorry, this plugin requires Premiere" [HELP!!!!!!!!]

I don’t know what I did but I cannot get Cubase to open. When it’s loading, the load-up screen appears and goes through all the things it has to open then it gets to “Initializing: VST 2.x plugin -> Chorus 1” and a window pops up that says “Sorry, this plugin requires Premiere.” If I click, OK, another window pops up for Chorus 2, etc. etc. You can click all day and it just keeps running through about 20 plugins again and again.

I opened Premiere but that didn’t help. I deleted the folder that those plugins are stored in and that didn’t help.

Can someone rescue me? I think I need to have it not look for VSTs in the Adobe folder but I can’t open Cubase to change that. Is there a way to open Cubase in some kind of “safe mode?” so I can delete that folder from its list of VST folders to check?


Win10, Cubase Artist 10.5


Try what’s suggested here:


Edit: Once Cubase is open go to the Plug-in Manager where you can delete the Adobe plugin path. Or, “Hide”: individual plugins, see capture 2.


Thanks. I did manage to figure out how to open in safe mode and disable all third party plugins. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to have it not scan the whole damn computer looking for VSTs. I even went so far as to deleting all the preferences but it still says" sorry, this plugin requires Adobe."

I’m attaching a screenshot showing what I see in the plugin manager–which is nothing as far as the folders in which it is looking for VSTs.

I’ll keep trying but any other tips anyone has would be most welcome.


Your screen shot shows VST Instruments, what do you see on the VST Effects tab, you should see all your third party FX plugins and paths, can you post a shot of that?

Also, seeing as you can start Cubase, you can remove the Adobe plugin from the rack, Cubase then won’t look for it when you restart.

Thanks again for you assistance. Attached is a screenshot of the VST effects. There’s just nothing in there at all so I can’t make any changes to where it’s looking for VSTs. Seems to me there must be another place where Cubase is getting told to scan the WHOLE computer (even the trash) for VSTs.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by deleting it from the rack. Are you talking about the VST effects screen (as shown in screenshot)? If so, I don’t see the Adobe plugins to be able to remove them. I’m in this catch-22 situation where the only way to start the program is to deactivate the 3rd party plugins but then they are not appearing so I can’t make any changes to them.

Thanks again!

Are these Adobe plugins 32 or 64 bit? Cubase does not support 32 bit anymore.

To my knowledge it’s 64-bit but I am only 90% sure. I think I will uninstall Premiere and see if that changes anything…