Sort project colors by name (or color)?

Hey there, I want to sort my project colors, so I don’t always have to search in the palette for them. How is it possible to sort them by name, or even by color?


I’m sorry, In afraid this is not possible.

Aarghh :expressionless:
Thats really bad.

Not even by changing some XML file in the Steinberg folder?

I could find the colors listed in the file Defaults.xml in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64

I rearranged the XML file and it works fine.
However it would be much easier, if we could do this by our own.

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@Tj99 - How did you rearrange the colors in defaults.xml? I have custom colors with names and see those names in the file within tags. I tried switching the order of those in that file but it doesn’t have an effect.

I’m not using the “select by name” feature in the color picker window.


First create all the colors you need inside a project and save it as default.
Then close Cubase and search in the Defaults.xml for the following section:

Underneath you see the tags, which include the colors you just created before.
Just rearrange them in the order you want to see in Cubase.

That’s what I was doing, but the changes wouldn’t show up. I finally figured out that after editing defaults.xml you have to “reset colors to default” from the Options tab in Project Colors Setup.

Success. Thanks!

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Ah yes forgot to say that. Because AFAIK the colors are mainly saved in the project file, and by resetting them to default the project reloads the colors from the XML file!

I’d do a backup of the XML file then, just to ensure it doesn’t get overwritten by an update or when trashing the prefs.

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