Sorting "genres" in ID3 Tag???

Hi mr. Steinberg! :slight_smile:

Love your Product (Cubase and I’m also using the “UR44” as my “audio device”. Both great products, reliable, etc)! But, some things always needs fixing though, I guess hehe! :laughing:

Here’s just a small request for a feature upgrade of Cubase (I’m using “Cubase 9.5 Pro” right now).

I attached a screenshot! Just those small things that matter sometimes… But no “biggy” compared to many other things that needs fixing, I’d guess…

Anyway… When exporting an “Audio Mixdown” and entering “ID3 Tag” and choosing a genre for the mixdown they seem “unsorted”. I’d like them to be sorted alphabetically if possible. Or maybe that can be fixed somehow and I just don’t know how yet??? :question: :arrow_right: :bulb: :slight_smile:

//Many regards from Sweden!
Robin Gardner


Have a read here:-
What the hell is the deal with the Genre dropdown box-mp3 render? - #2 by Romantique_Tp - Cubase - Steinberg Forums - the document at the link, is where the order of that genre list comes from; it just seems such a difficult task (programming) to devise a method of presenting those genre items in a more user-friendly (i.e. alphabetically sorted) manner. So much so, its often suggested just to get a 3rd party solution and be done with it (‘MP3 Tag’, ‘Foobar’, etc…).