SOS article on VSTi's 13 years later - still valid?

It’s less relevant now for me. I never worry about screen redraws, for example. I also don’t worry about using substitutes to lower CPU usage, because you can just freeze any CPU-intensive VSTi while you’re tracking (for example, NI’s Studio Drummer, the only VSTi that I have trouble with). I typically only use 5 or six VSTi’s in a project, so I’m sure some of this is still relevant to those using much more than that.

Irrelevant I’d say, at least for me. A typical project uses no more than a 100 tracks but a bit bellow. 1/3 is audiotracks with 2-3 inserts, some less and very few goes through the roof of 8, but it happens so I have to find some workarounds, which is fine. I never export/import or freeze tracks these days but it’s kinda close. I feel free to use the amount of FX and VSTi I need.

Remembering two computers back :confused: :astonished: :imp: :laughing: :cry: and the ridiculous maneuvers and stunts I used to do it’s a relief that those days are over. So that article is valid?