Soul:ar - Trust

Hi there!

Here is a song i’ve recorded, mixed and ‘mastered’ a while ago. Everything is done in Cubase with some aditional fx like Fabfilter, Native Instruments and TDR Plugins. No midi instruments were used, everything is recorded in one take without a clicktrack (except the vocals and some aditional guitar layers).

Some Feedback regarding the mix would be nice!

Cheers, Tomess

This is very nice!
Leaning back in my chair with a smile on my face :slight_smile:

Really nice, Tomess. One take - that’s impressive. Really good band!

Excellent. Fantastic vocalist and song.

Good mix, with maybe just more of the hats
and cymbals coming through to make it poifek.

Hey guys, thanks for your input! Cool, that you like it!

Well… that’s actually some very good Soul music you got there buddy! Kinda remeniscent of Mad Satta and Moonchild.
I really like it!

Hey! Thanks man, really appreciat it! But i have to say, if you work with a band like this (all studied musicians) it all falls to its place by itselfe. You can really focus on the music and don’t have to do alot of clean ups and timing corrections etc! :smiley:

Best regards!