Soul Train

Hi all,

Here is my latest piece, Soul Train. I hope you enjoy it.
Comments are welcome.

Good listening!


Great arrangement. Nice tune! Thanks.

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Thank @BJ_Dobbs, I’m glad you liked the piece.

Have a nice day!

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That’s a nice groove on a nice arrangement, really enjoyed it. Lovely synth playing (?). How did you do the horns?


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Thank you Steve for taking the time to listen to the piece, also for these kind comments.

The sound of the saxophone comes from two Image Sounds libraries (, Saxophone 1 and 2. From the sequences played by a real saxophonist (715 loops of 2 to 4 measures), I made a montage of a melody that I had in mind. However, I could deny that certain loops inspired me.

This melody uses 30 audio sequences (loops) and more than 127 cuts or slices. No sequence is used in its entirety, Sometimes it’s just one note or two of a sequence. I tried to respect saxophone playing as much as possible. The majority of sequences do not use the musical mode despite the differences in tempo.

This is the second time that I have used libraries from this company to create melodies. Lacking real instrumentalists at my disposal, I found that these sound banks played by professional musicians offered a more than interesting alternative. It’s a lot of work, but I’m still happy with the result.

I recently purchased the “Harmonica” sample library and it sounds really good. I would love to find a place for it in one of my next pieces.

Once again thank you!


That’s a very good job with the horn loops :+1:



Good job man :ok_hand:


Hey Rene, cool Song! I like it!

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Thanks @Viktor_K, I appreciate

Thank you @Stefano7, I’m glad you like it.

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That was a fun listen, plenty going on, nice funky groove.

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Thank you very much @Chubs for taking the time to listen and for the warm comments. I also had a lot of fun making this piece.

It’s really nice!

Thank you @Zukhar

I appreciate you taking the time to listen. I’m glad you liked it.

cool piece of music :musical_score:

Thank you very much @mozizo

Very glad you like it, have a great day!

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