Sound Canvas VA VSTi 2.4 64 Bit - Will it work in Nuendo 12?

Hi all,

Will the Roland Sound Canvas VA (VSTi 2.4 64-bit) work in Nuendo 12? I got these specs from Roland’s website.

I do not wish to buy the software and then sit with an unusable product that I can’t refund.



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May I suggest you try the trial version and test it out for free.

It works well for me. Do note at some point in the future Steinberg will take away the VST2 capability from Nuendo and at that point it won’t work with you a VST2-3 bridge software or Roland updating it.

Right now it works though, I use it in Nuendo.

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Windows or Mac?

VST2 works well for me in Cubase 12 on Windows. I have the Sound Canvas plugin and it’s fine.

Macs with Apple Silicon might be different. Rosetta or some 3rd party VST3<>VST2 bridge might be required for the M1 and M2 Macs.

I took the plunge and bought it. It works.

Thanks for all your feedback.