sound card initialization esi maya44 ex

With cubase 10 I use an esi maya44 ex, every time I use cubase to listen to audio, I have to reinitialize the sound card even though it appears regularly in the asio settings, then everything works properly.
i tried it to reinstall the card drivers but it doesn’t change anything.

Hi and welcome,

Does Cubase quit properly? Isn’t there a silent crash while quit?

Cubase after the initialization of the maya44 works perfectly, with very low latency times.
The annoyance is to initialize the card every time I open cubase.
Problems that do not exist with other pci or usb sound cards,
The maya44 is cheap and the drivers equally.

Win 10 pro, i57600k, msi z270, 16g ram 2400mhz, samsung 970 evo, inexpensive but fast


Could you open Cubase preferences folder (%AppData% Steinberg/Cubase 10) and observe this folder while quit Cubase? Can you see the files are updating themselves while quit?

Thanks Martin, looking in %app data, I discovered all the folders concerning the old cubase updates, and in pro 10 the old artist files, moved to another folder for testing, cubase now starts with the card working and ready.
Thanks again.

Which output latency values do you get on esi maya44 ex without drops when playing vst instrument ?
I know it depends on the pc hardware and on the sound (multilayer) and effects.
I am interested to hear your experience. I hope someone can report values around 2 ms
My new pc is a standard PC. I use it sometime for fun to play vst instuments. Usually I have Kaway MP7 so I expect to feel no latency. I feel it above 2 ms.
The pc has AMD Ryzon 3 with 3500 kHz an 4 core processor on gigabyte ax370. Halion 6 is installed on ssd. I tested already ZOOM UAC-2 and get drops below 3 ms. In this situation the red processor LED in Cubase flickers.
Could that Maya44 ex be better on my system?

With maya44 ex I can reach the maximum allowed by the sound card, 48 samples, 24 bit 48k, 2 ms roundtrip, with about 20 audio tracks, halion groove agent 3 or 4 vst amp rack and various equalizations, use of the cpu at about 1/8, win 10 is optimized by following the steinberg and focusrite suggestions for more on the internet.
With the scarlett 2i2 2gen usb 2 I can work at 32 samples with 4ms of roundtrip, cpu at 1/4.
I don’t have big needs, I use cubase since Atari at amateur level.
As a guitarist I use vst amp rack, so I usually look for the lowest workable latency.
Midi keyboards are connected via USB port without delay problems.
The maya preamps like the drivers are not the best but for that price there is nothing better.
With win 95/98/xp I used echo Darla 24, another level of sound card.
Probably in a few months I’ll move on to something more professional. I hope RME, and then I’ll tell you.

Hello i am thinking of buying this card (esi maya 44 ex) I am using scarlet 2i4 2nd gen
will I get better latency ? can you tell me RTL 44.1hz 64 buffer with using a utility
because the reported latency is not always correct in daw.
that would help me a lot thank you.