Sound card Issue driving me mad. HELP

My sound card is a Realtek High definition audio with the latest driver installed.

I can understand the problem but i’m unable to fix it.

Which ever Application is being used, then that application will take control of the sound card output (say CUBASE). You have to close this application and the open a different application (say Chrome) for the new application to play sound.
This is a problem because having to shut Cubase down all the time is annoying.
If I switch to Full Dulpex drivers it seems to work but unfortunately there is an unusable latency issue with this driver.
The ‘release drives tab’ in Cubase makes no difference.

I think I’ve tried everything.

Any Advice?

If you are in any way able, I would invest in a new audio interface… do you have USB 2.0? Seriously, get a UR22 ($150)… or SOMETHING other than Realtek. It’s really not made to do what you’re attempting. At the very least it won’t do it WELL.

Perhaps there are other Realtek users out there who can assist, but… believe me, you’ll solve a lot of your problems with a real interface with real ASIO drivers.

Thank you.
I guess you’re right.
My other card is a RME Hammerfall 9652. But that only works on my digital desk.
I guess I need to get a card that works better on my Analogue desk.


Also try ticking the release audio drivers in background (or whatever it’s called)