Sound Card issue: EMU 1820m

I just upgraded my production PC to Windows 7 64 bit. Since EMU does not support the old flagship 1820m, I used the Vista 64 bit drives to get it to work. Problem is that I have to use “full duplex mode” to record and playback. I can only shorten the latency if I only work with E-MU ASIO mode so that is the problem. I can get the input and output latency down to 3 ms in the E-MU ASIO mode, but in the AISO DirectX Full Duplex Driver (mode) the latency is extremely high. For some reason I can only RECORD and PLAYBACK in the AISO FULL Duplex mode. Does anyone know how I can get the sound card to function properly in the E-MU ASIO mode? This E-mu sound card does not support direct out so I have to adjust the latency.

You got me worried. I’m mainly using my MR816X these days, but I still have the 1820m in my system, and I’m about to switch to Win7.

A bit of searching revealed that there are beta Win7 drivers here:

Let us know if that helps.


On the Emu newspage it states that the full driver is imminent. Unless you’re very unlucky it should drive the whole range of Emu I/faces.

Yes, that’s the newsletter from November 2010, talking about a beta driver for the 1820m that was issued in June 2010…

“We will soon be ending the Beta and move to official release…”

Yeah, sure you will… Pardon my cynicism, but this is like watching paint dry.

Yep. Emu can be like that. Could be a couple of years. :mrgreen:
I had looked at their news a couple of times this year and I don’t think the announcement about the beta reaching full driver status was there a month or two ago.

Creative Labs and Emu have turned their backs on the flagship 1820m users. Shame on such a low class act!!! I will never spend my money on a Creative Lab or emu product again. I tried the M-audio ProFire 610 today and what a lame sub-standard excuse for an audio interface. It is okay for a young artist maybe, but not someone that really makes a living from a home studio. I ordered the Steinberg MR 816 CSX today. I anticipate that this will be great quality and easily interface with Cubase 6. I hope I am correct :open_mouth:


I have my 1820m working with win7 x64. Not sure which drivers I used now :unamused: and am not in my studio ATM. Try the Emu sub forum at for help. :slight_smile:


Well, best of luck. After getting burned by investing in a Steinberg Midex8, I refuse to purchase any hardware carrying the Steinberg brand ever again.

Aw! Don’t start the rain before the guy’s had his parade. They probably work just fine.

Though a couple of posts here might interest you
unless you’ve already been there.

The Emu beta driver from June 2010 works pretty well here with a 1820m, C6 and Windows 7 X64.

I’m afraid that Emu deliberately keeps these drivers in beta, so they don’t need to formally support anything.
Emu & Creative appear to have given up pro-audio…