Sound Card Recommendations...

Hi; Boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the forums (my user name over the years was ‘Cubasist’ but I can’t find a way to access it). Finally getting a new PC and unfortunately it won’t have a PCI slot available (builder can’t find a motherboard available with Intel 6 Core i7 that’ll have a PCI slot). My current card is an M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496, a simple but high quality card. So, I’m asking for anyone who reads this I’d greatly appreciate any recommendations for a simple (2in/2 out) PCI Express sound card. M-Audio only has USB 2.0 interfaces and from what I understood at the time USB 2.0 wasn’t fast enough but firewire had the necessary speed. I don’t care what brand of card or interface, just the most cost effective way to get quality in/out on my new PC.

Thanks for any recommendations----Bobby Ryan.

You can get adapters like this:

But I couldn’t say how successfully that would run or whether you’ll be able to find modern drivers for your old card.

It totally depends of course on what you’ll be doing - if you’re not multitracking - recording live instruments or using outboard effects etc the internal sound card may be perfectly up to the job. USB 3 is more than fast enough for most audio applications.

Thanks for the link PeppaPig. I couldn’t find anything like that. Though I have been getting re-educated about USB 2.0 and I’ve started looking at getting a newer USB interface, your solution looks to be the best. M-Audio does have Windows 7 64 bit driver updates so I’ll be able to keep my card thanks to your link. I’ve been in and out of Steinberg’s and Sony’s forums for 15 years and so many times the people in the forums turn out to be the best resource and help. Thanks again!