Sound coming only through speakers and not through headphones


I use Dorico on a Surface pro 4 with Windows 10. When I plug my headphones to the computer in Dorico the sound still comes from my computers speakers. In any other program, the sound comes through my headphones. I am using the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver and have no other soundcard hooked up with my computer. I have also double checked that the sample rate for my headphones is the same as in Dorico. From the stereo output dropdown menu I can only find the speakers and not the headphones. If I go to device control panel and choose headphones there, and restart Dorico, I get sound from the headphones but not from my speakers. This last untill my next Dorico session. Upon describing my problems it may seem as the problem is that Dorico does not automatically recognise if I have headphones connected or not, which is a hassle to be dealing with every time I open my computer anew. What can I do to solve this?

If anything is unclear due to shaky english, please let me know.


Launch Dorico, start and stop playback, then open the Sound settings in Windows Settings. At the bottom under “Advanced sound options” click “App volume and device preferences.” Have you specified an Output path for Dorico? Is it set to your speakers? If so, switch it to Default (or your headphones) and see if that fixes your issue.

I in this place I can only find VST audio engine, and not Dorico. Is it the same. On the VST audio engine I have set it to standard. Choosing headphones makes no difference.

If you change the option at the top of the Generic Lower Latency ASIO Driver window concerning exclusive control of your interface, do you find the list of outputs changes? You might also try the ASIO4ALL driver, as that may present a different set of outputs.

The Surface hardware must be a little different to other standard laptops. On my Lenovo ThinkPad the device control panel only presents a combined device, speakers/headphones.
On your Surface you seem to have the speaker ports plus the ports for the headphones and Dorico will not switch automatically.
Also, it looks like the headphones ports are only present if you have actually plugged in the headphones. Dorico has at the moment a little problem in recognizing ports coming and going on the fly, that’s why the hassle with restarting Dorico in order to make the changes visible. With the next update we hope to address this issue.
This won’t help you 100%, since still not automatically sound will come through the headphones upon plugging in the phones, but at least the switching will become much easier.
Sorry to say, but for the moment we have no solution for you right now.