Sound Controlling

Hi I have created a short piece of music to get a better understanding for mix & mastering. Please take a look at the screen shot & listen to music mp3. Kindly tell me a few basic things ……
I convert each midi channels to audio 1 by 1 …….but which channels do I convert to stereo and which to Mono for example in this music I recorded 11 midi channels :
3 types of electric guitar
4 midi channels of drums (kick, snare, hi hits & rolls)
Backing synths.
The base guitar sound is obviously in mono but kindly tell me about the other sounds which do I convert to mono and which to stereo?


If the MIDI Channel is routed to the virtual Instrument, there is no need for the conversion to the audio.

If you are using HW synths, then yes. Be carefull with the mono channels while using synths. If you are using synth for a Guitar sound, you might think to convert it to mono, because real guitar is mono. But, most probably, there is already some (more or less drastic) processing on the sound (on your HW or SW synth). Most often, there is some Hall already. This doesn’t Sound good, if you convert it to mono. There could be some other stereo processing.

The best practice is to disable the hall and use your own, of course.

sorry I forgot to mention that I am not using any VSTI in this music, I am using my 3 keyboards ((KORG PA3x/76) (Yamaha MOXF8) (Roland FA06)) after recording midi channels then I again record them into one audio channel is this the right way or am I doing it wrong? please guide step by step also kindly tell me how is the recording mix & mastering of the music I made?


In this case, it’s right, you have to do so to get the final audio signal to Cubase.