sound devices recorders user track naming

Dear nuendo forum user
i’m searching for help with hardcore logical editor users or media bay user.
in fact i need a solution:
When we do field recording with any of the sound devices recorders (744, 788, 633,688…)we can make a polywav (bwf)and we are able to name each tracks, this precise name take place in the metadatas under the sTRK label for exempke: sTRK1=boom sTRK2=radiomic1 sTRK3=stereoM sTRK4=stereoS…and so on
When i open one of these polywav files in the mediabay, first i’m not able to hear each track independantly(that’s another problem but…) and even if i’m able under the attribute: audio assets/bwf description to see this for exemple:
sNOTE=TC = Time Of Day

but i’m not able to import this file in the project, to split each track and automaticly rename each with the proper track name.( first boom second radiomic1 etc…)
in fact the really good idea would be in the import options when we tick the split channel case to be able to select the type name and to check it into the metadatas of the file.

if you see another solution (macro logical editor …)please i’m searching for solutions :smiley:
thanks a lot

Yes, that’s a problem.
When Nuendo splits the files upon import, that metadate (which is present when you import the PolyMBwav) is lost.
This is on the list to be fixed in the next version update.

The only thing you can do is to split the files before import in another application, like WaveAgent.


Thanks Fredo
the problem is the same with wave agent that don’t rename with the track name (in the metadata)…
and only rename with the number of the track not with the name in the metadatas.
we need something like that in nuendo!!

i think it’s working on protools,
in fact there is another thing that could help a lot postproduction workflow: in PT (it seems because i’m not PTuser…) you can do files conformation : when you shoot a movie recording sound with a cantar (aaton) on a Sound devices recorder we give to the image editor a mix of the tracks on a stereo track. when the movie edit is finished they export an aaf or an omf, and in the PT you can conform it with the poly wav : PT search by name and import the polywav using the timecode on each track to make it sync then redo the edits (fades etc…) presents in the aaf.
and of course it search the name in the metadatas and rename each track right.

and that’s a big issue with nuendo because we are forced to use PT at this point of the postproduction workflow.

if someone use nuendo another way (or third parties softs to do so) please let me know i’m very interested by this process.

Correct again.
One of the -if not the- most popular demand within the betagroup.
It surely is high on the list, but as you know, the product manager only has so much resources that he can use.
So I can not promise you thatit will be in the next version …


too bad
thanks fredo anyway

Yes we need this. It is very odd that this has not been implemented already. Especially Nuendo is flagged as a Post tool…
And I want to see the meta data on clips on timeline, not in the info bar…

Bye / Tumppi


Great to get news like this, even if the statement is old. Hopefully we will be getting an update from Steinberg on what is in store this fall with regard to Nuendo.