sound disappear for a second...

My presonus firewire break down so I bought MR816 CSX and installed the latest update tool.
Everything works fine when I play a song but once and a while the sound silence for a second and then it is back.
The computor is in good shape but I am wondering if the problem could be that I have Cubase 5 installed.
Does MR816 CSX work well with Cubase 5 or maybe I have to update Cubase?

Thankful if anybody could give me help on this.


Win 7, 64-bit, Cubase 5.5.3

I suspect that when this happens it is because of a “bad driver” elsewhere in your system that temporary hogs resources away from the firewire channel. I would try disabling Wi-Fi and any other non essential hardware to see if this resolves the issue.

The Y/S drivers are rock solid, but care must still be taken to make sure that there are no IRQ Conflicts elsewhere and that your PC / OS is set up configured correctly. BIOS settings (throttling/power settings) etc can also cause sound drop outs and just because old settings worked under a different sound card - (even if firewire connection previously used), this does not mean the same configuration will work on the MR816.

This issue has nothing to do with Cubase 5 version or bad MR drivers.

It is a case of unfortunately of thoroughly checking your PC system in all other areas to eliminate what is causing this. Make sure all drivers are up to date / no IRQ conflicts to rectify this issue /BIOS settings correctly configured e.g. CPU throttling/speedstep disabled.

I’m sorry that I can’t be more specific, but the MR816 works solid on my PC and thousands of other users, it is a superb piece of hardware. It should therefore theoretically also work on your PC setup when configured correctly.

Hope this helps…please do not lose patience.

Hi there - this is a common forum item (for Windows users), but it can be resolved. This is after many weeks of tackling the problem myself. What MusicJohn has said is true and good advice. I can only pass on what steps I took and learning’s along the way.

  1. The MR816 is particular about firewire chipsets, whilst no specific firewire card is shipped or recommended I can vouch for compatibility/stability with the following chipsets:
  • Texas Instruments (TSB43AB22 and TSB43AB23)
  • VIA (VT6306 and VT6308)
  1. To find a firewire card with one of these chipsets is the next step. I can recommend one of the following:

  2. Ensure the power option in Windows is set to ‘High Performance’ (to MusicJohn’s point re: throttling)

  3. Run the DPC latency checker tool to determine if your system has any bad device drivers. Tool available here:

If the problem persists after you’ve carried out 1-4, try the following:

  1. As MusicJohn said, and based on the results of the DPC latency checker - try (one at a time) to disable hardware such as WiFi and LAN.
  2. Check for and apply any updates for your motherboard BIOS
  3. Disable any turbo core/speed step functionality in the BIOS

If you still continue to experience problems, if you can, configure the MR816 on an alternative computer and or laptop to rule out your PC, CPU, motherboard and RAM choice.

Update for anyone that comes across this post.

In addition to all the other steps and advice to avoid audio drop outs with an MR816 on a Windows platform - the final and permanent resolution for me was to replace the on-board network card in my system with a dedicated Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter and disable the on-board LAN.

FYI - disabling the on-board LAN without a dedicated NIC installed didn’t resolve the issue. It wasn’t until both disabling the on-board LAN and a dedicated NIC was installed that my systems latency remained at healthy levels with no spikes or drop outs.

Appreciate that every PC configuration is different, but I suspect that due to the number of Windows services that require a network connection, it was until all that was able to operate correctly with dedicated and or decent i.e. Intel based chipset network hardware.

After disabling the on-board NIC and installing the Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter, I was also able to return to using the on-board VIA VT6308 chip firewire port.