Sound disappears while working in VariAudio (Apple m1)

Friends, hello everyone, I will describe the problem, help in solving (I apologize for the crooked English, I am writing through a translator)

The problem is that when working in VariAudio and correcting a note at a certain moment, the sound simply disappears, only a reboot helps, after a reboot all the outputs and inputs fly off, but the bottom line is that the problem is not solved by rebooting, but when I switch Cubase to Rosseta mode 2 there is no such problem, but an artifact remains in the form of stretching some note, despite the fact that I did not stretch it, help solve the problem, it is very convenient to constantly switch to Rossetu to correct notes

I work on Macbook Air m1.
Worked for a long time on windows and this problem was not observed

Here’s a video