Cubase Vari Audio Freeze all track while editing, Mac M1 Max

I want to describe an issue which just happen on Mac M1 Native, this won’t happen on Rosetta.

  1. In Cubase 12 (Apple Silicon) select a Vocal Audio Event, Double Click and Scan to work on Variaudio.
  2. Select some event which contain a non-pitch audio (such as “sss”) and pitched audio.
  3. Split that event, in oder to edit just the pitched part, and modify it.
  4. Result: There will be 2 kind of issue happen:
  • The sound of non-pitched part will be a glitch sound.
  • The non-pitch part will freeze the whole project, the will be no sound for all tracks.
  1. It is impossible to close the project, or to quit Cubase. The only way we can do is Force quit the application.
  2. Sometimes, the disk cached notification on Cubase shows Overload when this issue happens.
    Here is a video about this issue:
    M1 Variaudio issue.mp4 - Google Drive
    This issue doesn’t happen when Cubase is running using Rosetta 2.
    I am on a Mac Studio Monterey, all applications are legal and up-to-date.

Thank you.

PS: below is the link to some topic which I believe they are facing the similar issue:

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This problem has not been solved for me, I am doing note correction through Vari audio through rosetta 2. I really look forward to solving this problem, because no one answered my post

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Hey Ephus from the others post you linked. Sorry to hear yall having this issue too…so bizarre, but good to know it works on Rosetta.Im currently using Melodyne and havent had a single problem with disc cache spikes or anything, no crashes either. I dont feel as fast but atleast it gets the job done…really is a shame that variaudio is crashing like this. Maybe it will fix when cubase 13 comes out, i saw around the forums that cubase 12 has been riddled with issues, so hopefully the newer updates get these things ironed out.

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It’s been 11 days since this topic created, and no moderator or admin visit.
I faced 1 kind of this months ago, and the final result of that topic came with an update.
So, Hopefully this bug was recognized by developers and they are working on fixing it.

I still wish someone may come and confirm this is a bug, not our mistake.



So much time has passed and there is no answer, very disappointing. I have another problem related to variaudio, tell me if you have such a problem?

@wanabeme308 @ephasist @Obrazcov
Hey All,
I’m here to confirm I also am having this issue. We all deserve a FREE upgrade to 13 if this continues. It is a MAJOR reason I use Cubase. Any who, just joining the thread as HOPEFULLY the more of us the better for a response from Steinberg.

EDIT: Also! I found this on Reddit. Maybe copied over Preferences from past Cubase Versions could be the culprit?

QUOTE: “I would suspect your old preferences as the first place to check. I would remove them and start fresh and test. I’ve had mixed results with saving presets from older versions and now start from scratch. You can keep older versions of Cubase installed and they won’t interfere with each other. Before you start digging deep into hardware settings start there.”
LINK: Reddit - Dive into anything

Hi, I also think about starting all over again from a fresh Cubase install to see if the issue or not.
Although my computer is a brand new, but yes, we always handle a lot of different kind of projects which needs those old setting, preferences, hotkeys as well as some templates from our old version.
Since @Martin.Jirsak mentioned, I will try to re-install Cubase with all those old things deleted. But now I am still too busy.
May I ask if you did try it? Are you still facing this issue after clearing preferences? Are you on Monterey or Ventura?
Thank you for your update.

Hey, Im also pretty busy and haven’t been able to do a fresh Install. If anyone here wants to give it a shot, would be awesome.
My Sepcs are:
OS Monterey
M1 Macbook Pro 2021
64GB Memory
8TB Hard Drive

Im having exactly the same problem and it drives me crazy. i have to safe the project everytime i start editing in vari audio. my feeling tells me this wont get fixed.

but its not only that. if you use liquid audio and change the tempo of the song, you will end up with weird and random artifacts.

May I know your Mac’s Specs? M1 or M2? Monterey or Ventura?

There is a doubt of my own that this issue may just happen on Monterey,
Till now, all customers who are facing this are working on M1 Monterey.
All the others who confirmed they didn’t meet it (included Martin, the Moderator) are on Ventura.
Thank you.

Yes, m1 on Monterey and i hate the day i have upgraded to Monterey for several reasons.

Hi All guys who are facing the issues with Vari Audio on Mac M1,
@Obrazcov @jbattle13 @malekmusic @ephasist
Today I just completely deleted Cubase 12, also the Preferences Folder (Which is located at user/admin_user/Library/Preferences/Cubase 12).
Then I installed Cubase 12.0.70 and started it Natively.
The issue seems disappeared so far. I checked on a brand new empty project, then again from 1 of my current projects which I am working with.
I kept some of my setting back, such as Key Commands, Midi Remote Control Scrips (which I created myself for my controllers), Cubase is still working well till now.
Before doing this. I want to mention that upgrading to the new OS Ventura didn’t solve the problem so you all don’t need to do it if you don’t want.

I still need time to check if the problem is back or not (it was back once last time I follow @Martin.Jirsak instruction), but I truly think this is the solution.

This process just took a few minutes to me, so I highly recommend you all try this.

Have a good day.


Hi bro, I just deleted cubes to celebrate, moved the settings folder just in case to another place and deleted it, installed version 12.0.70 and immediately opened it without settings, completely clean, immediately threw acapellas and started cutting them very hard wherever possible and after 2 minutes the problem returned again) so my problem is not solved ((I threw back my settings folder and I think nothing will change)

Hi, you are right, I am testing more and get this:

The different of Vari Audio between Native and Rosetta 2 is the small piece after cutting (which in the screenshot I made for example), it never appears when working in Rosetta 2.
If I delete this piece before hitting play, the issue won’t happen. Check please.

Updated: With some more difficult cases, the issue will be there. It must be a really serious issue which is not our fault.

I also tried this and the problem came back. Thanks for the tip though. Anyone got any tips? We seem to be a good few people who have this issue on Cubase 12.7 running M1 Native when trying to use Vari-audio

I still wonder why the issue came back in just a few minutes, why it didn’t appear immediately.

I also tried to delete the Preferences Folder only, and didn’t re-install Cubase.
The issue was right there so I can be sure that Preferences Setting is not related.

The only different when using Vari Audio on Native, compare to Rosetta 2 is the small piece created after cutting, same color, no white line and different pitch, although it must be no pitch at all.
@Martin.Jirsak , Could you please tell me if this piece was there when you tried to cut the event?
And if you have any idea how to reset Vari Audio setting, please let us know. I truly want to try Sth like that, but I don’t know how.

Thank you all.

Hi @wanabeme308 ,

I will try to reproduce it. Could you please share an example audio file, I could test on? And could you point me to the exact place, where I should split the VariAudio event?

In the best case, if you could provide me the testing file and make a video with this exact file.

I will try my best to reproduce it then.

Thanks a lot!

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Hey I’m using similar specs (with the difference of 32GB Memory & 4TB HD) .
In my case cubase freezes completely as I press the “Edit VariAudio” .
cubase even can’t successfully finish analyzing the audio clip & usually get stuck on step 2 (detecting note segments)

any signs of resolve for someone ?

I have a close deadline for a project and I really don’t know what to do.

Hi Martin,

Although the issue happens to any audio event, I am also sending you a sample vocal (it’s my cover of MJ’s Heal The World).
And the Screenshot to show the exact position I cut and make the issue appears. But you can easily find out more places like this.
The exact step to do:

  1. Split the event right before the pitched line (to avoid the non-pitched part), a purple event without pitched line will be created.
  2. Don’t delete the un-used part, but try to modify any others.
  3. Result: Only a few events will sound, others, event the whole project (if you have any more tracks) stop sounding.
  4. Impossible to close project, as well as close Cubase. The only way is Force Quit the Application.

If this is the 1st time user trying to split this way, it maybe still work in about 2 minutes. As I tried, I did it 3 times and the problem happened.
Yes I am a long time user with some old projects, old templates, old preferences which need to keep when switching to Cubase Pro 12. However as you suggested, the test is on a brand new Mac Studio M1, Ventura OS. I also deleted Cubase completely as well as the old preferences folder.

Thank you Martin.


Thank you very much! I will test this thru tomorrow.

I will let you know.