Cubase Vari Audio Freeze all track while editing, Mac M1 Max

I want to describe an issue which just happen on Mac M1 Native, this won’t happen on Rosetta.

  1. In Cubase 12 (Apple Silicon) select a Vocal Audio Event, Double Click and Scan to work on Variaudio.
  2. Select some event which contain a non-pitch audio (such as “sss”) and pitched audio.
  3. Split that event, in oder to edit just the pitched part, and modify it.
  4. Result: There will be 2 kind of issue happen:
  • The sound of non-pitched part will be a glitch sound.
  • The non-pitch part will freeze the whole project, the will be no sound for all tracks.
  1. It is impossible to close the project, or to quit Cubase. The only way we can do is Force quit the application.
  2. Sometimes, the disk cached notification on Cubase shows Overload when this issue happens.
    Here is a video about this issue:
    M1 Variaudio issue.mp4 - Google Drive
    This issue doesn’t happen when Cubase is running using Rosetta 2.
    I am on a Mac Studio Monterey, all applications are legal and up-to-date.

Thank you.

PS: below is the link to some topic which I believe they are facing the similar issue:

This problem has not been solved for me, I am doing note correction through Vari audio through rosetta 2. I really look forward to solving this problem, because no one answered my post

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Hey Ephus from the others post you linked. Sorry to hear yall having this issue too…so bizarre, but good to know it works on Rosetta.Im currently using Melodyne and havent had a single problem with disc cache spikes or anything, no crashes either. I dont feel as fast but atleast it gets the job done…really is a shame that variaudio is crashing like this. Maybe it will fix when cubase 13 comes out, i saw around the forums that cubase 12 has been riddled with issues, so hopefully the newer updates get these things ironed out.

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It’s been 11 days since this topic created, and no moderator or admin visit.
I faced 1 kind of this months ago, and the final result of that topic came with an update.
So, Hopefully this bug was recognized by developers and they are working on fixing it.

I still wish someone may come and confirm this is a bug, not our mistake.


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