sound distortion

Help! I recently purchase a UR22 and I set it up the way they told me to. Now I thought everything worked fine until listening to ANY audio through my headphones. Wether it be an instrumental I imported into Cubase, a downloaded MP3/WAV or even a Youtube video, it all sounds like I’m listening to music underwater from beggining to end :frowning: I’ve read other forums about similar problem but I cannot for the life of me get it to work properly. Couple things I’ve tried: Changing buffer size, changing outputs from stereo to mono (which worked ONCE and never again). Made sure all my Soft/Firmwares are up to date. Don’t know if this is of any relevance but I don’t have monitors hooked up to my soundcard. Now, I know pretty much nothing when it comes to this, this may be why I’m having difficulty dealing with this, so please be patient with me for I am but a humble begginer :slight_smile:

This same issue persisted in my system too but after changing my pair of headsets the audio was golden. Change the headset mate.


I also believe is a headsets problem. I listen to music via my smartphone headsets, and there is a mic button (to reply for a call), and if the button is not pressed, the sound is exactly like you described. And when you push the button, the sound is okay