Sound drops out during playing and recording

I have this problems from couple of months and I am in a dead end.
I am using Cubase Pro 9.5, up to date, Steinberg UR22mkII, Roland cables, laptop Lenovo ThinkPad T560 (i5 6300 U, 16Gb RAM, SSD),Windows 7.
This is the problem: while playing, everything is fine, but the sound drops out for couple of seconds and then goes on normally. Sometimes only the guitar sound disappear, the recorded sounds and drums play, sometimes all sounds gone. Everything is up to date, drivers, Cubase, plugins. Asio guiard disabled. Sometimes this happens also in mixing process, guitar or bass turned on.
Reinstalled Windows and all the programs and plugins, every update is installed and still this annoying drop out remains.

Please, if You have any ideas what to do, it would be awesome.

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Try to increase Buffer Size.

Is it doesn’t help, use LatencyMon to check your system.

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:
I tried the Buffer Size, the latency increases, but the drop out remains…
LatencyMon says that BIOS update is recommended, but it is up to date… And also about the CPU trotting, but it is i5 6300U 2.4GHz, and the LatencyMon checked it works 2496 MHz.
Perhaps I need more powerful computer, but there were no problems before… This happened about 3 months before… The only change is the updat from Artist to Pro (9.5) … But before the update the dropouts started…


Weird. Cubase Artist and Pro is exactly the same executable. So you are still using exactly the same application in fact.

That’s why I really do not know what to do and where is the problem. As it worked well.
Is the problem in the audio interface, in the laptop, in Cubase… That’s why I am searching for some solutions.
With some guitar amp simulators , the dropouts are more often (for ex bx rockrack V3) compared to TH3 ( there are also dropouts, but can play half a song normally)

Was there any Windows update?

I reinstalled Windows 2 weeks before with the following updates, so yes, there were some

So there is completely new system installed? Then it’s unfortunately completely different system and it could be anything in the system.

Then I would focus on the system tuning.

The system was reinstalled because of the dropouts. I thought the clean Windows will fix it, but with no luck. I still will try everything I find out.

So having performance meter up(F12) - is there a peak or clip(red bar) - at some time?

I am having an issue where I feel that this peak meter interpret something else than real audio dropouts as a peak.
Not having any issue in Sonar or Reaper - so some minor event in windows can make peak indicator shine in red.
Cpu load just cruising on about 6-10% - even load on 8 cores.
Increasing buffer size does not help, changing 32/64 bit engine does not help or asio guard on/off does not help.

Reading up on dropouts for windows 10 on Steinberg forum, there is some limit on number of threads for audio engine to keep - or there is a problem.
Thinking that some threads - in your case - is failing, if that is guitar at some occasions or similar. That is a system MMCSS in windows 10 that does not exist in windows 7 - so they must have it working in another way in windows 7, so if there are some bugs in there for windows 7 users.

There are a couple more reports on forums where people have really low threshold where Cubase now crackles - so thinking it might be based on the same issue. One guy usually ran 15 instances of Kontakt, but now it crackles already running one.