Sound Effects Library reccomendations?

What sound effects libraries do folks like?

Ones you actually buy and not an online subscription service.

Your thoughts on cost vs. quality vs. quantity tradeoffs with different packages.

It depends on what you’re after really, if you want some great Foley type stuff the BBC has opened up their archive and are world renowned, if you’re not using them commercially they’re free, but obviously you have to pay to use them commercially.

For amateur theatre (or theater) productions I have found some very useful material on as well as the BBC archive previously mentioned. We also received a very useful library with the “wavepad” audio editor from NCH software.

Are you looking for particular categories/sounds, or an overall package?

While I’m not actually doing foley work, those are the kinds of sounds I want. I have used and a couple of other similar sites. But they can be a bit hit and miss depending. In fact, I did the initial posting here after searching online and mostly missing. So I thought it might make sense to get a basic general purpose library to have at hand.

Here are a few others I’ve come across:
Partners in Rhyme