Sound font creation

I have Cubase Artist 7 on a Mac Retina Display, w/16 gigs of RAM.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible - using only Cubase Artist - to take a sample (.wav or .aif) and create a VST instrument from it, assigning the base tone (A) to other keys so I can play that sample on a scale?

I want to take several samples of ‘doo’ and ‘aah’ and ‘bop’ type vocal clips and arrange them on a keyboard to be played like any chromatic instrument. I know I can purchase 3rd party products to do this, but I am not readily able to learn how to do this in Cubase Artist 7 - without spending more $$.

Any help or suggestions are immensely appreciated! :unamused:

This is what samplers do. Check out

Yes thank you for providing a link to that 3rd party product. I’m trying to learn if there is any way to do this within the suite of tools that is Cubase Artist 7.

There is not, since Cubase doesn’t come with a sampler. I posted the link because the product is free, which seemed like what you needed.

Well, the product he linked is free, so it’s not like it’ll hit you in the wallet…

HALion is a capable sampler, but the version that ships with Cubase / Artist 7 doesn’t have recording or sample import features.

OK, thanks! That is good to hear. Logic Pro gives you this right out of the box. Perhaps I should have chosen that.

Although it seems to be more popular to buy then whine on forums these days, it is always a generally not a bad thing to inform yourself first, then spend your money… :unamused:

As someone who uses Logic Pro on a daily basis, I can say you made the better choice, even with all the problems and shortcomings Cubase has.

Heck, FL Studio also gives you a sampler right out of the box plus some much nicer plug-ins, and it’s half the price, but there are many things I wouldn’t use it for while I have access to Cubase. I’d say a polished workflow is worth more than a couple bells and whistles you can add later yourself.