Sound from computer to speakers in Cubase 5

I use a pair of studio speakers through a Echo Mia Midi card in Cubase. Would it be possible to route the sound from the rest of the computer the same way so I can listen to stuff from Internet, music etc on the same set of speakers?

This is not a Cubase/Steinberg question. To find a definite answer you should ask Echo Audio … or … if you’re in Windows, go to Control Panel/Sound and see if you find Echo Mia there. If you’re on Mac, I can’t help… it’s been longer since I used my Mac for audio than since I used my Echo Layla as my audio interface.

I see. It’s possible to change speakers in Windows only problem is when I start Cubase and Mia Midi virtual 1/2 are gone from the outputs and used by Windows… Didn’t help using Mia Midi virtual 3/4 as outputs.