Sound from internet dissappears when Cubase is open

I can’t seem to have sound on the internet, while Cubase Elements 7 is open. So I cannot watch instruction videos on YouTube and have Cubase open at the same time. Any suggestions?

Dev Setup > uncheck ‘Release Driver When App…’

Cubase takes hold of your sound card, to reduce latency and glitches.
Unless you need the low latency, switch over to ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver, which will let you hear Cubase and everything else together.

…or get an RME audio interface and enjoy the best of both worlds (low latency and audio from any other source.) :wink:

Which you don´t necessarily need an RME card for, since other cards can do this just as well…

This is caused by your soundcard/interface’s drivers, not Cubase.

I am not sure that is true. I have an RME soundcard and in fact Studio One and Protools neither one do this behavior. I can have them open and still use all other audio applications. But if I open Cubase, they all instantly stop working. I could be wrong because of some certain fact I don’t know, but that is in fact the behavior I have on my DAW machine with no special configuring of “release drivers type settings” within the other apps.

You have an older RME interface, which is not capable of running more than one audio stream concurrently. I can have Cubase working and anything else I want at the same time with both my UFX or the Babyface on my laptop.
Yes, some other interfaces can do that, too, but not many. Especially not older models.

Well in that case cubase is more advanced than your other DAW’s as cubase actually gives you an option to have the audio going to all your open programs or just cubase .
No special configuration it’s only one tick of a box . :wink:

That’s good information. I guess I never had a real need for this so didn’t really notice that it wasn’t capable of that. Althought I will admit it was always annoying when Cubase would do this, so it’s nice to know there is a workaround for it.

Haha I will have to check to see if my other DAWs just happen to have this automatically checked to allow :slight_smile:. Definitely not hating on my purty Cubase! :wink: