Sound from midi tracks randomly dissappears

The sound for some individual midi tracks either drops out completely or volume is set back significantly. Sometimes it drops out and then comes back slightly, and then drops out again. Not all midi tracks do this…just some random ones and from different sound libraries, so it’s not just one library.

Hard to see a pattern here. The problems started today, and I have made not changes to my system. I have the same thing happen with older projects as well as new projects. What are some possible causes?

Are you using volume automation on the tracks where sound disappears?

Hi Mosaic. No volume automation. It’s like that when I play the keys as well. I have used the same system for big orchestral projects in the past with no problem like this. It’s happening even with just a few instruments loaded now, and it just started yesterday.

The only possible variable is that I have been using Omnisphere for a couple of projects and I started noticing some issues with the Omnisphere instrument suddenly dropping out so I had to reload. But now even if I delete all Omni patches, or load a project with no Omni in it, the sound dropout happens to other tracks from other libraries, and totally randomly.

I have this problem as well and just now came to the forum to see if anyone else has it.

It started recently after no changes. (More precisely, I took a chance and updated from 8.010 to 8.035 when 8.035 was released, but this problem occurred just in the last few days.) Randomly there is no sound from midi tracks. Sometimes it is many tracks at once (once including almost the entire project - all synths and GA4 drums run by midi), sometimes only one track. The last time several tracks’ sound disappeared like this, restarting Cubase several times somehow made the problem go away. Right now I have two Serum instrument tracks making no sound although strangely the spectrum analyzer is jumping up and down in the channel’s EQ as if there is sound. But the channel’s level meter in shows no signal.

Update: I just restarted Cubase and now it is three Serum tracks making no sound.

Update: I just restarted Cubase for the third time and the sounds have come back.

I hope this information helps sort out problems. I won’t be able to check this thread again.