Sound in only one speaker

Good morning

My son is 15 years old and has entered EPI (professional school) and is taking a course in music production and technology. Because of this, in October last year I bought my son the program “Steinberg Cubase Elements 12 Education”.
At Christmas I bought a computer (with Windows 11) and installed the program. Besides that he has a midi keyboard “M-Audio Oxygen pro 61”, an audio interface “Behringer U-Phoria Studio PRO” and a pair of KRK Rokit 5 G4 speakers.
Whenever he is listening something on his computer (for example Youtube) he can hear the sound on both speakers, but when he connects Cubase to do some experiments the sound only comes out of one speaker. I have already made several attempts/experiments inside the program, but the sound still only comes out of one speaker.
I confess that I have no more ideas and as you have much more experience than me, I remembered that maybe you can have some ideas or suggestions.
I’m so desperate that I thought about uninstalling the program and reinstalling it, but I don’t know if I have problems with the license. Is there any problem with reinstalling the program?
I would appreciate any suggestions/ideas you can give me to see if I can solve this problem.
João Neves

Welcome !

Could you post screenshots of :

  • the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel
  • the Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs one.
  • a MixConcole view showing both the audio tracks used, their routing and the Main Out strip.

Additionaly, what is the audio interface used and is there a dedicated ASIO driver for it ?

and make sure to show it unfolded…

after unfolding it can look like this…

The U-Phoria driver supposedly supports ASIO, so 1) install the latest driver, found on Behringer’s website, 2) choose the U-Phoria driver in Studio setup → Audio system → ASIO driver. Then re-check the control room setup, to make sure that both channels are linked.

The most obvious reason why you would hear audio only on one speaker would be that somewhere in Cubase a panorama slider is set to either full left or full right. Can you check that?
if it is not the above reason we need those screenshots the guys asked for in order to be able to see what’s going on on your (son’s) Cubase .

Good morning
First of all thank you for your quick reply and suggestions.
Unfortunately I’ve been out of work very late and haven’t been able to test your suggestions yet.
My computer has an Asrock Z690 Phantom Gaming 4 ATX Motherboard which has a Realtek ALC897 7.1 CH HD Audio Codec, Nahimic Audio.
By coincidence, a student from my son’s class was at my house yesterday and he managed to get both speakers sounding. I must confess, when my son told me that I was very happy, but the happiness didn’t last long. Now, when he plays something on cubase you can hear a distorted sound in both speakers but the strange thing is that after 1 or 2 seconds you don’t hear any sound anymore. You have to restart the program to get sound again, again only for the 2 seconds and with distorted sound.
Anyway… this is not easy. After so many experiences my idea is still to uninstall everything (cubase and behringer) and install everything again. I ask again, is there any problem with the license?

Nobody suggested a reinstallation.
Your problem is not installation related. Change the settings and preferences.

But you are trying to use the Behringer, so the onboard sound should not affect anything related to your difficulties.

Foremost, you should check the I/O settings.
If the Control Room is enabled, make sure that the outputs are connected to the control room, not to the output buses.

Upload screenshots to verify everything is set correct.

If Cubase cannot find a valid license it will tell you that at the launch. So, no.

good morning
I took a series of photos yesterday, I hope it helps to try and figure out what my configuration problem is. (3.6 MB)

There is a driver available at Behringers website.

This will replace the ASIO4all driver.