Sound in the cloud

OMG! :astonished:
A browser-based recording app: Soundation.

Hey there Mr Duckling. :slight_smile:

It’s nice that there’s something out there for your average Joe to try their hand at music making without
having to invest a lot of money in the software, but after viewing a couple of the videos, it’s certainly
not a viable alternative to someone who wants a high quality DAW. The plugins look to be very limited,
and you have to save your work on their server. They have a subscription for those who want more options
and libraries available, and over time I suppose that would add up to the price of a more high quality program.

Hello Mr Lee
Agreed, it could be good to get newbies started. It’s hard to imagine a browser based app rivalling a serious client-side DAW but who knows what the future holds? My crystal ball is looking very cloudy.

I’ve just installed a 4-track recorder on my android phone. Totally basic but as a sketch pad it could have its uses.

Hello Mr Duckling and Mr Lee,

Interesting app, could have used it when I got started. Yet, I don’t think even I would have been happy for long haul with the wonderlust for better software and the delusional need for gear, lots of gear, gotta go get more gear… :smiling_imp:

Mr W

Cloud computing in almost every form is risky business… that’s the new frontier for all the malcontents. Not to mention the latency issue!

Mr. Robin

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All red birds welcome.

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