Sound is degraded when I export using Audio Mix down

Hi, I have been using Cubase 9 AI for approx. a year without issue but have been working on a tune recently and when I try to export as a WAV file (Or any other file type) the sound is significantly degraded. Sounds muffled !.

I completed another tune approx. 8 weeks ago and no problem with that BUT likewise if I try export that now using the audio mix down I get the same muffled degraded sound in the file. All My files prior to a couple of months ago are fine unless I try to export them now , when I will get the same issue.

I cannot see if I am missing updates as the seinberg wbsite appears to be down and each time I try access tech support on the website I loop back to the same message that the site is down .

Can anyone help??.

Tnks !

Hi and welcome,

What has changed from the time of 8 weeks ago?

Do you use the same player (what player do you use)? Do you use the same settings? Maybe any plug-in Trial/Demo time expired?

Nothing has changed, all settings the same . I am using several players windows media player, Kodi, Groove Music. I brought the WAV file into Emastered and addressed it somewhat BUT I shouldn’t have to do that. The sound from Cubase is perfect . Export it using the mixdown and it turns to muck. :neutral_face: sample rate 48 bit dept 32 floating . Also tried 44/24. No difference


For example Media Player cannot play back either 24- nor 32-bit audio…

There must be any reason, why did it change.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

I dont think it can be the player as it seems to be the same on all I have tried (which is several), What do you think a Safe start would achieve Martin?


By Safe Start Mode I mean this.