SOUND ISSUE UPDATE / WORK AROUND: For known apple issue with catalina causing audio static noise in music software

To anyone having audio issues with the latest catalina, whereby there are intermittent background static tapping / clicking noises when pressing notes on any audio instrument, after spending hours with apple senior advisors, they have confirmed there is an issue.
It affects a lot of music production software including logic pro x, GarageBand pro tools and cubase pro, as well as standalone apps like kontakt and komplete.
Engineers are currently working on an OS update. They seem to think it’s OS related as opposed to hardware (with the new MacBook pro 16s)
The work around is to open activity monitor and force quit the core audio process. This resets things and the static noise goes away for a short while.
Some people may not have noticed or have the issue if they are using external sound cards etc, and possibly doesn’t affect all systems.