Sound issue with Low Latency ASIO Driver

Hello, I have run into an issue with Dorico where I can only hear playback if the box with “Allow ASIO host applications to take executive control of selected port configuration” is checked.
This means that at all times, I am only able to choose between hearing audio from Dorico, or every other application.

Is there a fix that would allow me to hear playback as well as my computer audio?

Update: I’m now able to hear playback from Dorico without checking the box, but the sound is only being produced in the left monitor. Any way to fix this?

Welcome to the forum @HiradM .

Yes. If you do not check the box for allowing exclusive access and if then the output ports disappear in the list of output ports (middle of the Control Panel) then you need to change the sample rate; either of Dorico or in the audio settings of Windows. They both need to match.

Hi Ulf,
The output ports are actually not disappearing when the box is unchecked. I believe the issue is coming from somewhere else, as my sample rates are also matching.

Yes, for the mono issue please have a look at this thread .