Sound-issues considering speakers, headphones, wired, bluetooth


I have these issues considering sound (through headphones).

  1. Dorico claims all the sound output on my pc. I lose my sound on all other programs (like browser) whenever Dorico is opened.

  2. But, when I make connection with my headphones Dorico refuses to send the sound through them. Bluetooth or wired connection: all the same – no sound in headphones from Dorico.

  3. To make it even more interesting, albeit point 1: I can listen to another program’s sound through headphones even when Dorico is playing its sound through the loudspeakers of my laptop.

I did search on the helpforum but the answers doesn’t help me further… Maybe it’s just me not being an IT-er…

Can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum, @A_B. Please see the pinned frequently asked questions thread for help with using Bluetooth headphones with Dorico:

Hi @A_B , welcome to the forum.

In regards to 1.) you need to go to Edit > Device Setup and press the Control Panel button, a new little window will pop up. In there is at the top an option saying something about ‘allowing exclusive access’. Make sure that that option is not selected and then also other applications can make sound at the same time. I’m not 100% sure, you might need to restart Dorico or even reboot, please try it out.

Regarding 2.), in that very same dialog as mentioned before, in the middle is a list of output ports where also your headsets should turn up. At the front is a little tick box by that you select which output to use.

(I didn’t read that thread before because of it mentioning in the beginning of the post that it considers Mac…)

I could change those Device Control settings of Dorico 4. Only, this worked for … one time use. But now this is no option anymore: I can’t select my headphones in the Device Control. It’s just not there anymore. Allthough I am listening through my headphones right now…

Thanks in advance for more tips.

Then it is most likely a sample rate issue, i.e. the wanted device is set to a different sample rate than Dorico itself. I wrote you also a private message, please check.