Sound issues on XML import

Hi I apologize if this has been addressed, but there are so many threads about xml import issues and playback issues that even after looking through a couple of dozen I couldn’t find a relevant thread.

I imported an XML document from Finale, initially there was no sound but I was able to reset the playback and audio engine and get sound going. The strange thing is that whenever I start playback, there is a low C (like C1 or C0) triggered, which is not written anywhere and obviously sounds crazy. When I look at the mixer, the second system instrument doesn’t appear to have any sound (the meter doesn’t indicate any sound, unlike the first instrument). I’m having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around Dorico’s approach to audio; I’ve used Finale, Logic and Pro Tools for many years but Dorico just mystifies me.

Dorico file attached if anyone can take a look and guess what the issue is it would be much appreciated (note that there are a whole host of issues with the xml import that I’m not even dealing with yet, so file looks pretty wacky).

Sama3i_Nairuz-03-2021.dorico (473.4 KB)

The low note is a keyswitch, and you need to choose an Expression Map setting that will filter it out…

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Thanks, Derrek. I deleted the keyswitches from the expression maps for the instruments used, which has fixed the playback in this instance.
I’m not sure why there would be a keyswitch there, as there wasn’t in the original Finale file.

I’m wondering how this would impact things if I wanted to use keyswitches later on. Is there any way to avoid this problem in the future? Something in my Finale settings when I export the XML file initially?

And regarding the second system not sounding: When I load your project HALion does immediately load the ‘Modern Jazz Upright’ patch for it and it does play back. Are you maybe missing some sounds?

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Thanks, Ulf. I had checked the sounds by playing the keyboard in the Halion instrument, and nothing was missing.

It is working now—for some reason the keyswitch issue Derrek mentioned was causing it not to play back. Or at least, deleting the keyswitches has caused the bass to reappear.

I still don’t exactly understing the issue or why it was caused by and xml import (when similar issues have never occurred with a new project).