Sound Libraries and Royalty Free Resources


I have now been forced to jump into the world of audio design for a project I am working on. Up until now, I have been able to get any sound effects I have needed by using synths or things I physically had. What sound effect resources are available, purchased or royalty free, that I should be aware of? is a good online source. Sound Ideas is a good source for purchasing complete libraries.


As I have been recently flung into the world of sound design, I noticed that my stock plugins in both Cubase and Pro Tools do not necessarily do the job I want. However, they are perfectly fine for the music that I do.

What are some general use plugins that you would recommend to cover the general spectrum of effects needed for sound design? I am already interested in grabbing the Fabfilter suite and omnisphere, but these are currently out of my price range.

What has caused me to look into this is that I am finishing up a creature roar. Part of the roar is utilizing a polarbear sound that I have tried to extend; unfortunately, using the stretching tools in Pro Tools or Cubase degrades the audio too quickly, and more than I would like. So, I have tried extending the sound by finding good looping spots in the file; however, it still has a stop/go quality at the crossfades that I have not been able to completely smooth out. Furthermore, I have been having some difficulty blending the different recordings I am using to make it sound like it came from a single source. The animal sources I am using were recorded with different mics at different distances, and I have been having a heck of a time “matching” them. Due to my current arsenal, I have had to rely more on reverb to “glue” the sounds together, more than I would like.

From talking with a buddy, he suggested that I invest in some higher grade plugins that can do the job better. He even suggested a Doppler effect for some of my other projects, but past that, I have no clue what I should be looking for or where to start!

Any help and suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Have you tried PaulStretch? Open source; very cool. Google it! Not a plugin, and very bare-bones… but does amazing stuff.


Loads of useful samples for sound design can be found here ->