Sound Libraries

Hi. Besides the requisite HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST library that is to be included in Dorico, what other VST sound libraries (such as EastWest/Quantum Leap, Garrison Personal Orchestra, etc.) will be compatible with the software when it is released?

You will be able to use any VST 3-compatible plug-in, and a specific set of VST 2.x plug-ins (which we expect to include Kontakt, EW Play, ARIA, UVI, etc.) with Dorico. This should enable the use of more or less all of the popular sound libraries to be used with Dorico.

If you want to know more about how you will work with third party sample libraries within Dorico, please see this thread:

with the one-articulation-per-midi-track approach, I assume we can expect Dorico to handle the “Hollywood”-scenario as well…? ( i.e. where each articulation will need its own midi channel)

Yes, you can load in all your preferred sounds and then tell Dorico via an Expression Map which ‘Playing Techniques’ (including articulations) are supported by each patch and how to access them (eg keyswitch, MIDI CC). You can then choose how to assign each playing technique for each instrument. So if you want to use the arco and pizz from one patch and the tremolo from another then this can easily be done.

I was thinking about articulation switching by Midi Channel rather than Key Switch… so we can assume that Dorico will have an unlimited number of Midi Banks/Channels available…?

You should be able to load as many instruments as your machine will allow.

Hi Daniel

I have not really had the time to scrutinize for this answer among the wonderful Forums.
The question I have as a composer of classical music, are the built-in sound-sets of Dorico better (or compatible) with those that came with Sibelius 7.1.2.? Just wanted to know whether i have to REALLY go through the drama of linking other sound-sets, if you’re already happy enough with what you supply. My works will ultimately be played by live musicians, but it would be nice if the Sampled Sounds will give a realistic feel of course. If you have to recommend an easy compatible Sound Library, what would you suggest for my purposes?

Best wishes and many congratulations with this incredible product!!

Steven van der Merwe
Cape Town, South Africa