Sound library presets not found

Hi folks,

quite a fresh install here, but on opening Cubase throws a couple errors. They can be ignored, but it seems I’m missing some presets. I’m attaching the error messages here.

I have the latest Cubase Pro (12.0.60), on a latest Ventura (Mac Studio).


Open Steinberg Library Manager and have a look, how does it look like there, please.

attached are some pictures of my library manager. Thanks.


Do you use Cubase Pro or Cubase Artist, please?

I don’t see any Retrologue library in the Library Manager and the messages point to the Downloads folder, not to the library folder.


Cubase Pro.



I can see red triangle in your Steinberg Library Manager. What does it say?

Came with dialog, saying “unregister missing libraries”. Did that, hitting ok, but on next Cubase start the warning screens are still there.
I might as well just reinstall Padshop and Retrologue, but what is Flux?




FLUX is WaveTable Synth, which is part of HALion Sonic library.

Hi @jussilampela,

just noticed that within your Library Manager screenshot, one or more categories seem to be missing entirely:

  • (3rd database category) “CUBASE / NUENDO”
  • (6th database category) “RETROLOGUE”

This means that none of their specific category content seems to have been registered as of yet (that is: unless you might’ve removed all these things deliberately, which I currently assume to not be the case).

All the additional VST sound content (standard and optional) that you’ve also paid for when you’d acquired your Cubase Pro 12 license can (and should perhaps?) also be registered in Library Manager (Motto: “One can never have too many presets, ever.:wink: ).

You can open the default file path (pls. see your above alert window screenshots) where all those currently missing VST Sound container files / content packs usually reside and just double click one of them within any folder. In any such case, Library manager should then open a small alert window which either…

(1) notifies you that something had already been registered correctly, or
(2) if *.vstsound file is still unregistered will ask you to take one of the following user actions:

  • Install to Default Location
  • Install to Path
  • Register in Place.

After this, your Library Manager category tabs should include two more categories, and also your missing Retrologue 2 content should now be registered, IF you’d installed it to the VST Sound default main folder. Please note: of course this only applies if you’d already downloaded / installed most or all of the additional VST sound content which actually belongs to Cubase Pro 12 (currently ca. 20 Gigabytes of extra content).

So, just in case you want to check what you already have on you local machine:

Cubase Pro 12 Downloads | Steinberg

An additional step would be to open the MediaBay in Cubase and to look for the VST Sound category, and if all relevant content files are being marked by a hook.
In addition, in Cubase’s preferences under “MediaBay” you can increase the max. number of possible MediaBay findings (registered presets) to more than the default 10,000 search results.

Best wishes,

(- click to open screenshots -)


[- Screenshot 1: Library Manager content categories, max. number -]

[- Screenshot 2: MediaBay - VST Sound packages -]

[- Screenshot 3: Cubase Preferences - MediaBay, max. number of search results -]

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thanks Markus,

all this is probably because when I first installed Cubase on a new machine (got the new Mac Studio a while ago) I skipped downloading most of the content, since I use Cubase mostly/totally with 3rd party sounds only. But thanks anyway, probably will just install (or re-install some) all the soundware at some point, maybe the simplest option?

Jussi L.