Sound of (any) other apps won't work while Dorico 3.5 is open...

Hi there,

I’ve discovered that while Dorico is open, any other apps that use audio (youtube via browser, MP3 player etc.) will NOT work. I get a message that says “Auto Renderer error. Please restart your computer.”

After speaking with Microsoft Tech Support (I’m on a PC, Windows 10), we discovered that its the playback driver in Dorico (“Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”) that disables all other sound while Dorico is running. If I switch Dorico to my computer’s driver, I’m able to play outside audio, like youtube tutorials, while running Dorico… however, then Dorico’s playback does not sound.

I’m looking for a solution that allows me to play audio on and off Dorico simultaneously, without having to toggle drivers.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much,


Thomas is lucky. I had audio cut out on YouTube on Firefox (but not MS Edge) when nothing else is playing, and I have no idea what I did (or Firefox did) to cause it.

I wish Firefox and YouTube had the kind of support that Dorico provides!