sound of audiofile heard some seconds after its beginning.


I try to change the location of the Cubase file of one song. But when I do that, there is an audio file which now starts latter, eventhough it has not moved, the sound starts after but in the sample editor, this audiofile is still at the right place. I hope my explanation is clear.

Your explanation is fairly clear, but your setup not at all. Are you relocating the file(s) to an external drive, possibly connected to a USB 3 port? Please give more info and maybe members can help you.

I had these files on an external drive ( LaCie, USB mass storage device). For more safety I try to put all these files in my computer directly ( so no longer connected to a USB ).

So, what I understand here is that the song used to play perfectly all right and you backed it up on your external drive, then after you copied the project back to your computer’s internal drive you’re having playback problems, right? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Just trying to help here.

Would you please prepare a signature so we get to know your hardware specs? Mac? Windows? Audio interface? etc.etc.?

Thanks for your help! Yes , I’m having problems with certain audiofiles, not all of them.
I’ll prepare a signature latter.

It works now. I’ve imported all the files together from the external disk instead of each files one by one !